The Rules of the XWA

Below are the rules of the XWA with a brief description of the topic they entail. This is by far the most extensive section and the most important to read so please go over this part carefully so you fully understand our rules and policies.

Section 01: General Forum Rules

At the XWA we encourage members to take an active part in OOC (Out of Character) discussion. There are several topic related forums where you can start and respond to discussions. Also, in the event that the staff chooses to make a poll allowing the members to vote and decide on XWA related issues, we encourage members to take an active part in that process as well. Below are the rules that you must follow when it comes to OOC Discussion as well as a couple relating to the e-fed itself.

Section 02: Match/Competition RolePlaying Rules

As stated before, the XWA is an E-Fed in which two or more RolePlayers post their version of the match that is set to take place. Whether you wish to write yourself as winning or losing that given match, choose to co-write that match with a partner or opponent, or any one of multiple possibilities is entirely at you and the other competitor(s) in the match's discretion. The XWA is currently running a Bi-Weekly schedule which means we will have roughly two events a month. These cards will consist of somewhere around 6-8 broadcast matches as well as, on occasion, one or two preliminary matches. The difference between the two being that broadcast matches will be posted in the event results while preliminary matches will not. Furthermore preliminary matches are, essentially, dark matches and have no impact on storylines or your character, they are simply matches for competition's sake. Below are the rules to follow when writing a match RolePlay.

Section 03: Promo/Segment RolePlaying Rules

As well as being able to write their own matches, RolePlayers in the XWA are also encouraged to write their own promos to further their own character's storylines. Below are the rules to follow when posting a promo in the XWA.

Section 04: Voting Rules

This is the last section of the rules portion of the Guidebook but arguably the single most important. In the XWA, rather than the bookers deciding who wins, it's the members that vote on matches and thus render a decision. Below are the rules regarding voting in the XWA.