The "Why do people do this in eFeds?" Post

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The "Why do people do this in eFeds?" Post

Postby Dave_Maniac » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:04 pm

Hey guys,
I am starting this post to have a place for us to ask why the fuck people do this in efeds... 'cus as the local geezer here I have an obligation to ask this types of questions.

First of all please remember this is to no one imparticular because this is something I have seen since I started efeding back in the 2000's (Dave the Maniac was my first character on the MSN boards, never been any good at promos and shit but I see this as a way to improve my English because for those who dunno I am a proud Mexican... yes I'm a lazy ass man child and a junkie... can we keep going?). What I always seem to see in this places is that people tend to reskin wrestlers, stuff like a John Cena with all the moves and attitude of the Rock, and the other trope is having a wrestler with a lot of finishers as his move set "cus he is lethal". Why is this? Why do people think that is cool?

I seem to find this tiresome 'cus why the fuck do people do this? Do they have no imagination? They do not know the basics of wrestling? I remember an interview with a legendary wrestler that said that finishers were supposed to moves that were hard to execute and they were lethal so that's how you finished up the match. Also, the trope of high flyers... why the fuck everyone has to be a high flyer? I remember ('Taker was it?) some saying that the current status of wrestlers is that they do this death-defying moves trying to one-up each other and they are injuring themselves cutting down their career. Even Hogan said that if he could change his move set he would remove the leg drop from it 'cus it hurt like hell at his old age.

This rant has been brought to you by the 35-year-old taco-eating Mexican and the letter F as in Fuck this shit.
Dave & Alissa O'Connor
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Re: The "Why do people do this in eFeds?" Post

Postby Dan » Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:12 am

The reskinning part is likely due to people just not being as outgoing and creative as others, or maybe they don't know who they are as an efedder yet. It happens. I don't begrudge people for carrying a moveset close to an existing superstar; hell, I basically deebo'd Arn Anderson's moves when I first started, and the Arn Spinebuster was an integral part of my moveset my entire efedding career (The Wonder No More). However, I would say, if someone has been going for more than a year or two and still cling to the Rock's moveset, they're likely not on top of their efed. Characters need to naturally evolve as you write more and more for them and involve them in storylines and teams. And there's no way to know how Cena or Hogan or Shawn Michaels would react should they be pushed into a tag team match with JB Buttkicker or Xombie, thus hopefully forcing the writer out of his or her comfort zone and helping them to flesh out just who the person they're RPing as will be.

The finishers moving into signature moves or even regular moves is just a somewhat natural progression of things for a lot of the more basic moves. Not that all moves should be there, obviously something like the F5 or a Stone Cold Stunner are pretty iconic moves and might not be the ones to move down into regular stuff but you have to remember, once upon a time, the DDT, STF, Ace Crusher, a Powerbomb, hell even a standing Elbow Drop were finishers at one point. The idea to move forward is to get bigger/better/more unique. Thus, the double arm DDT from Mick Foley, the RKO from Orton, the STFU from Cena (yes, his crap version was a twist on the original unfortunately), Jackknife Powerbomb from Diesel/Nash, etc. Unless they are the most iconic moves, they will simply stagnate if they continue to be finishers for too long, kind of like how people were genuinely surprised to see Seth finish a match with the Falcon Arrow combo even though it had been used several times before then and before he ever had it, Bob Holly was using the Falcon Arrow, and I'm sure people before him too.

That idea also contributes to the idea of bigger/better/higher/more dangerous high flying. People have seen a Swanton Bomb and every other diving senton, they've seen every kind of moonsault, every Shooting Star Press, every diving headbutt, etc. So the talent feel like they have to step it up and make it their own move by giving it more wow factor. That's where the Spiral Tap came from, the 630 splash, the Black Arrow, and other moves.

And this opinion is brought to you by the 30 year old buckeye-loving Ohioan with 15ish years of both efedding and following efedding, and 28 years of wrestling watching under his belt.

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