Mark Storm

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Mark Storm

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Birth Name: Mark Storm
Wrestling Name: Mark Storm
Nicknames: "Your Hero, and Mine!"
Picture Base: Evan Peters
Date of Birth: 20/11/1988
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 225Lbs
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Now Resides: Manhattan, New York


Character Disposition / Alignment: Anti-Hero
Brief Character Overview: "Your Hero, and Mine" is a larger than life character, one of the most marketable grapplers in the professional wrestling industry.


Theme Music: 'Short Change Hero' – The Heavy

Short Change Hero by The Heavy begins to play through the speakers and the lights in the arena simultaneously dim down. Smoke begins to rise from the top of the stage and appearing on the screen above are the following words;


A massive pop ensues as emerging from the back is Your Hero and Mine, Mark Storm; who keeps himself composed as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp. He can't help but allow his sadistic signature smirk to appear upon his lips as he closes his eyes and spreads his arms out wide, soaking in the energy that the audience are giving him as they applaud and cheer.

Announcer: From New York, Brooklyn.. weighing in a two hundred and twenty five pounds - Your Hero, and Mine.. MARRKKKK STORMMMMMM

He begins his walk down the entrance ramp, with a leather coat completing his attire as he comes down the entrance ramp.

This ain't no place for no hero.
This ain't no place for no better man.
This ain't no place for no hero
To call "home."

At this point, Storm is by the edge of the ring; allowing a smile to embed on his face before he jumps onto the apron and holds onto the ropes, using them to help himself up onto the turnbuckle. He's grinning from ear to ear, soaking in the rest of the cheers coming from the audience, shaking his head sideways as he lowers it, before jumping into the ring. Taking off his leather coat, he hands it to the ring announcer before walking over to his designated corner and hoisting himself up onto the second ropes, a smirk upon his lips as he holds his arms up; his theme song slowly diminishing.

Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Sometimes

Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):
- [x] Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting
- [x] Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best.
- [x] Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people.

Favorite Match Types: Ironman, Submission and No Disqualification.
Least Favorite Match Types: Arm Wrestling


Pro Debut: November 2008

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Tombstone Piledriver sometimes while jumping and/or spinning
2. Shoot to Kill! - a bicycle knee that stuns Storm's performance to the point where they've fallen onto one knee. Storm then takes off to the ropes, bouncing off of them to return to his opponent with another bicycle knee.
3. Snap scoop power slam
4. STORM RISING! - after being on the receiving end of some punishment, Storm has stomached all of his pain and anguish, allowing it to take over his body. He blocks a strike attempt from his opponent before all of a sudden bursts into a frenzy of open palm strikes, connecting all over the body of his opponent who can't answer the frenzy of strikes, defenceless as Storm loses himself with his strikes. The one strike that does it all is right at the end, where he connects with a sickening right hook that knocks his opponent down to the canvas.
5. Rage of Glory - Often performs this move out of nowhere or when he's back pedalling in the match, Storm suddenly delivers a hard shoot kick to the thigh of his opponent who drops to a knee. Grabbing the back of his opponent's head, he delivers three consecutive knee strikes to the face before bringing his opponent back up and Irish whip into the ropes. He's quick, performing each move fast. He runs at his opponent, a hard back elbow to the head, with his back against his opponent - he drives each elbow back into his opponent several times, taking a step forward as his opponent stumbles out of the corner, before culminating the sequence with a sweet overhead kick.

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional Super Finisher (SF)
1. Heroes End! - One-handed electric chair driver, sometimes while applying a wrist-clutch or from the second rope
2. Storm Search! - (Springboard Cutter)

(Inverted GTS)

Common Moves Minimum ten (10)
- Strikes (elbow strikes, discus forearm, open palm, uppercut)
- Dropkick
- Calf kick
- Chest kick
- Corkscrew roundhouse kick
- Lariat out of nowhere, flipping his opponent inside out if smaller
- Kitchen sink
- High intensity combination of strikes with his hands followed by a spinning back kick
- Hoists his opponent up onto the top rope and dropkicks them to the outside

- Butterflex suplex (can transition into an armbar)
- Japanese arm drag (usually into an armbar)
- Cradle capture suplex
- Bridging German suplex
- Bridging Tiger suplex
- Rope hung DDT
- Octopus stretch
- Powerbomb into the turnbuckle
- Falcon arrow
- Sitout face slam (leads into a nearfall)
- Brainbuster
- Hiptoss, cartwheeling afterward, claps his hand and basement drop kick
- Flapjack which he then transitions into an ankle lock
- Spinal tap
- Snapmare followed by a run to the ropes and a basement dropkick to his opponent
- Deadlift gutwrench sitout powerbomb
- Springboard Moonsault into Inverted DDT

- Sling Blade
- Hurricanrana
- Hesitation dropkick
- Shotgun kick
- Yakuza kick (also into a cornered opponent)
- Corner double knee strike

- Fujiwara armbar
- Boston crab
- Body scissors
- Cloverleaf
- Double wristlock to a grounded opponent followed by multiple stomps to the opponent's chest, face, and head.)
- Diving double knee stomp

- Topé con Hilo
- Over the corner slingshot into a springboard moonsault to the outside
- Avalanche German suplex
- Avalanche Falcon arrow
- Springboard missile dropkick
- Springboard clothesline
- Diving foot stomp off the apron

In-Ring Strengths: Intelligence, Unorthodox Style, and Endurance.
In-Ring Flaws: Risk Taker, Easily Distracted, and Temper Control.

A well traveled fighter who's expedition in professional wrestling, cage fighting and other form of fighting have led him to Frontier Grappling Arts. A place where he believes the best talents in the world all are. At this stage, he's become one of the top stars within the industry; in terms of being one of the hardest working, one of the biggest contributors and most marketable with 2016 being a year where he spent the majority of the year on tour within the independent circuit. Now, he's taken on the moniker of being "Your Hero, And Mine", almost a contradiction to his beliefs in the past as he's said on countless occassions that in this world of wrestling, "there are no heroes or villains, just men and women with different agendas", but once he was repeatedly branded as a hero, he decided to role with it, embracing the title and using it to become a household name.

When the bell tolls and the two competitors approach one of another, instead of locking up initially, Storm will usually turn his head away from his opponent and hold up his hand toward them; a gesture of talk to the hand, before turning his head back to his opponent, and transitioning his flat hand into a gun, shooting his opponent with a smirk upon his lips - trying to get into the head of his opponent. He's becoming a bit of a showman as he returned to the ring. Everything he does, he tries to perform quickly; his movement within the ring, being quick too and after a spot of lengthy time; he lowers is stance and spreads his arm out, bowing his head as the audience applaud his efforts and that of his opponents too.

His schizophrenic side does come to play but not as often as they used to, this is due to him now following his prescription regiment, but when you do see that side of Mark Storm, that's when his heel tendencies come out and he is manipulated by the demons that play with his mind. He is heavily influenced by his stint in Japan and his time in the mixed martial arts realm, Storm associates himself more as a fighter as a oppose to a sports entertainer due to the culture that he's inherited from Japan and MMA. He wears his ritual face paint in special occasion matches referring to it as his warrior face, as when he goes into the four sided ring he becomes a different being.

Any Championships, tournaments, winning streaks, or notable achievements go here.

- 1x EWC World Heavyweight Champion
- 1x EWC World Tag Team Champion
- 1x FGA Fifteen Champion
- 1x SKYFIRE World Champion
- 1x Honor Wrestling World Champion
- 1x IJPW Strong Crown Champion [first ever]
- 1x Evolution Wrestling World Champion
- 1x GWD American Justice Champion
- 1x CWC Junior Heavyweight Champion
- 1x WARPED Junior Heavyweight Champion [first ever]
- 1x WARPED Evolution Champion [last ever]
- 1x GOL! Trios Champion
- 1x SPW Tag Team Champion
- GOL The Lucha World Cup 2018
- CWC Weekend of Trio's Tournament Winners 2018
- IJPW Strong Crown Championship Tournament Winner 2018

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