World Champion Wanted ...

... dead or alive.

This week on massacre a few (maybe close to half) of the members of the current roster made a b-line to the ring during, the new XWA World Heavyweight Champion, Angelus' segment to effectivly (fair) warn the champion how many people are gunning for the gold, with Drake Dysfunction, DGX, Blake Jones and even Dan Bennett giving their two cents.

Coming out of the comotion there is talk of matches between DGX and Blake Jones to decide the new number one contender but the question, with the Whisper's War PPV around the corner, is what came of this lengthy discussion?

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Future Storms

XWA Genesis is set to play host to XWA Legend Tempest this week as reports have come out that the Storm of the Century is looking to bring the best of out XWA's up and coming talent down in Chicago!

Who's Watching?

The fight between Whipser's War and the XWA is ready to end at the Whisper's War PPV. Yet still the XWA crowds are wondering how the XWA is going to fight back. For weeks we have heard the phrase 'Watchtower' banging around backstage and this week we have been promised answers.

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